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Yoga & Meditation Training


Soothing Waterfall. Calming Lake. Rejuvenating Sunshine.

Peaceful Journeys,
Guided Meditation CD

Enjoy a collection of calming meditations to reduce stress and activate the body’s own natural relaxation response. Learn diaphragmatic breathing and mindfulness meditation to deeply relax both mind and body.
"These are peaceful journeys! Lori’s voice is angelic and soothing. My favorite journey takes you through what feels like a magical forest to a tranquil waterfall."
Soothing Waterfall. Calming Lake. Rejuvenating Sunshine.


Lori Golden - Yoga & Meditation Training

Providing yoga and meditation for stress reduction and pain management.

Need help with stress reduction? In these challenging times it is vital now more than ever to learn how to reduce stress, cultivate peace within and find support! I offer clients ways to reduce stress and anxiety through private and group sessions online. Individual sessions and group classes are designed to support you in living a happy and more balanced life. Through a combination of mind-body practices, such as meditation, self-acupressure and yoga, I've helped my clients to achieve wellness for over a decade. 

Meditation sessions are now available online! Topics include:

  • breathing to relax,
  • a better night's sleep,
  • letting go of stress,
  • calming the mind,
  • relieving physical discomfort,
  • reducing overwhelm, and much more.

Interested? Contact Lori for more information and availability.



Acu-Yoga is a therapeutic movement practice that combines the ancient therapies of acupressure and yoga. Each session includes yoga postures and self-acupressure massage to release tension, increase flexibility and encourage the body to deeply relax.
Meditation - woman shown in meditative pose


Feeling stressed but don’t have time to workout or get to yoga? Try meditation from the comfort of your home or office with a short online session. Even a few minutes of meditation can help relieve stress and tension, improve your mood, and may even reduce pain.

Mature couple shown in warrior 1 yoga pose in outside green space.

Signature Programs

Experience custom, private sessions to fit your unique needs! Whether it’s to reduce stress and tension or to increase balance, strength and flexibility, learn how I may help you with a free strategy session.

Learn more about how Lori can help you reach your personal health and wellness goals and sign up for a free 20 minute strategy session.

Call: (925) 878-1114

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